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We all have one and whether it’s good or not, we have doubts from time to time. I’m talking about a resume. If you’re in the heat of a job search or just shining up your resume just in case, run your resume past these quick tips to be sure you’re not missing anything.

As VP of an international recruiting company, I’ve interviewed hundreds of people and have assisted hiring managers in hiring their own staff. I’ve seen some killer resumes and some that were…well, horrific. From Glamour head shots and lengthy explanations as to why they left each and every position, to descriptions of food allergies and bad jokes that don’t translate on paper, I’ve seen it all.

A resume is like the pilot of a TV show. It has to gain interest, show what it can do and where it could go in a small amount of time.

Instead of presenting yourself in a way that’ll get you the job, it’s best to look for a position where you can gain experience and use the expertise you already have to make an impact. You can showcase this when your resume checks these 3 boxes:¬† [click to continue…]

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