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You’ve likely heard the standard advice about resigning. This is not that advice. Consider this the advanced version of the quitting conversation. It’s purpose is to help you exit in style.

As a senior executive, I had the pleasure of hiring and managing a large staff. Sadly, I’ve also been the recipient of many resignations. As a career mentor I work with countless people on transitioning out of jobs. Here’s what I know:

A job is like a relationship and quitting is like breaking up. Sometimes when you break up with someone, while it’s still sad, you accept it more easily, while other times you feel run over. Why is that? It’s likely your former partner has convinced you that it wasn’t meant to be; that you deserve better and weren’t moving in the same direction.

When the message is delivered in a particular way, instead of shock, defensiveness and anxiety, it can pass almost pleasantly (Ok that’s almost impossible. Let’s say with minimal amounts of pain). Imagine!

Before you resign, consider this:  [click to continue…]

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