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To me, burnout always seemed a likely side effect of getting ahead. By sheer determination, I thought I could “win” against it or at the very least coexist with it.

I see now how bad it was. I was a workaholic — checking emails in bed before my eyes had fully opened, thinking first of work before my family and my health. I was totally one-dimensional.

With that workaholism came a bunch of other -aholisms: I was a shopaholic, my saving and spending habits totally flippant. I was a foodaholic, with terrible workout and eating patterns — yoyoing from intense structure to total binges. And I was likely an alcoholic, having no healthy outlet for my stress.

I witnessed my burnout and convinced myself I could live with it; it was a necessary side effect to a stable job with status. See, my burnout wasn’t “real.” That was Hillary Clinton and Arianna Huffington passing out, their bodies forcing a timeout. To me, those were extreme cases of extremely successful people.

I was delusional.

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When I was little, every Spring my mom would swap out her closets, moving her warm weather clothes to her cedar storage closet and those bulky sweaters, leggings and wraps to the other.

It makes me nostalgic to think about how I used to sit in the room with her while she considered which clothes would make the move, holding them up and tilting her head as she inspected them. The smell of cedar every time she brushed past me.

After the inventory, she’d donate some to Goodwill and would often then need to set out shopping. Last year, however, she didn’t go through her closets to know what she already had and came back from her shopping trip with almost identical clothes to those she already owned. Whoops! Have you ever done that?

Here are 2 things to learn from this ritual:

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You’re not a coked-up lunatic like Colin Farrell from Horrible Bosses, so it could be worse. In fact, you’re a pretty good leader…you think.

colin farrell horrible bosses

Whether you’ve been recently promoted or you’ve been managing people for years, there will come a time when someone quits on you. You can’t help but wonder if it’s because of something you’ve done. Sorry to say, many times it is.  [click to continue…]