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I just read that the word literally has an updated definition in the dictionary. So many people were using it incorrectly (as in how they use figuratively) that we’ve literally changed the meaning of the word. Isn’t that crazy?

Another thing we’ve accepted as the norm is that career transition is a part of life. In fact, most people will have anywhere from 7-12 jobs in their lifetime. That’s a lot of change!

Because job transition is totally within my sweet spot having been a former recruiter, hiring manager and boss, I’ve decided to dedicate the next few posts to supporting you in your inevitable job search by providing insider knowledge on the process.

Hopefully if you’re quitting your job it’s for another one and you’ve thought it through. Often we see a higher salary or a dreamy office environment and are quick to decide that it must be a better opportunity.

In order to be sure about that, get clear on what you’re moving toward and away from and why.

Change is inevitable but that doesn’t mean we should take it lightly. Each move should be strategic, slowly writing your career story over time.

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Here goes: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

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To me, burnout always seemed a likely side effect of getting ahead. By sheer determination, I thought I could “win” against it or at the very least coexist with it.

I see now how bad it was. I was a workaholic — checking emails in bed before my eyes had fully opened, thinking first of work before my family and my health. I was totally one-dimensional.

With that workaholism came a bunch of other -aholisms: I was a shopaholic, my saving and spending habits totally flippant. I was a foodaholic, with terrible workout and eating patterns — yoyoing from intense structure to total binges. And I was likely an alcoholic, having no healthy outlet for my stress.

I witnessed my burnout and convinced myself I could live with it; it was a necessary side effect to a stable job with status. See, my burnout wasn’t “real.” That was Hillary Clinton and Arianna Huffington passing out, their bodies forcing a timeout. To me, those were extreme cases of extremely successful people.

I was delusional.

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On Thursday I was almost attacked by a bear.

I was in the Okanagan Valley in BC visiting family. I’d been out hiking with my in-law’s dog, Bubba, just the 2 of us, when we hiked almost directly into a bear with her cub. If you know anything about bears, they won’t usually attack you unless they have a baby and then your mere presence becomes a threat.

The two of them were only 20 feet or so in front of us. I mean, RIGHT there!

Bubba barked like crazy, the cub scurried up a tree and the bear looked pissed; and I mean really angry, I’m-thinking-of-eating-you pissed. I knew we were in trouble when she got up on her back legs and began to growl. I believe my heart may have stopped. [click to continue…]

Yesterday I was really sick; the kind that meant I was in bed all day watching Netflix movies. I landed on Behind the Candelabra, the Liberace movie. Have you seen it?

I was hooked. The craziest bit was how Liberace (Michael Douglas) had his boyfriend Scott (Matt Damon) get plastic surgery so his face would look more like his own. And he did it!

Imagine being so caught up to make such a wildly ridiculous decision. In a totally unexpected twist (mmhmm), he later regretted it. Sorry, you’re stuck with that face now, Scotty boy! It’s a good thing that hair is so luscious…


Somehow, I could relate. Don’t get me wrong, I was never asked to perform a “face off” but I did change for my job.  [click to continue…]


A guy with paperclips in the place of buttons. The woman in the furry suit (covered in dog hair). The cocky go-getter. The all-too-comfortable “people person.” The desperate “yes” woman.

Do you know these people? I do. I’ve interviewed them all, and not for entry level positions but for high level and management positions. You may be thinking, well, I don’t have a dog and all my shirts have buttons so I’ll never be “that guy.” Hear me out.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people in my career. As VP of an international recruiting firm I interviewed lawyers, recruiters, account executives and managers.

The interview process is confusing and stressful for even the most polished and qualified person. The goal is not just to be prepared but to make an impact. These insider tips will have them begging for more.  [click to continue…]