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When I was 7 we got a VHS recorder. My life was forever changed.

By 8 I was setting up a tripod solo (that camera weighed what felt like 50 lbs- it was a beast), and I was directing and co-starring in my own show Wake Up Australia. It was loosely based on Danny Tanner and Aunt Becky’s show Wake up San Francisco on Full House. Classic.

My best friend Emily and I not only had what I’m sure were dead-on Australian accents but we also had guests, commercials and fullme&em wardrobe changes. This was serious business.

I won’t mention how I was really tall for my age and Em was a little guy so in re-watching the “films” she looks cute and I look like the awkward giant neighbor kid. (This was pre-VHS fame but even still, look at that size difference!)

The point is, we were fearless.

Then along came the lovely teenage years when all sorts of negative feelings I’d never even considered came at me like a tidal wave, tripping me up and turning me upside down.

And that was the end of that…

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Yesterday I was really sick; the kind that meant I was in bed all day watching Netflix movies. I landed on Behind the Candelabra, the Liberace movie. Have you seen it?

I was hooked. The craziest bit was how Liberace (Michael Douglas) had his boyfriend Scott (Matt Damon) get plastic surgery so his face would look more like his own. And he did it!

Imagine being so caught up to make such a wildly ridiculous decision. In a totally unexpected twist (mmhmm), he later regretted it. Sorry, you’re stuck with that face now, Scotty boy! It’s a good thing that hair is so luscious…


Somehow, I could relate. Don’t get me wrong, I was never asked to perform a “face off” but I did change for my job.  [click to continue…]


You’ve likely heard the over-delivered advice that having a mentor is the most beneficial thing you can do for your career. There are absolutely benefits to having one but the idea has taken on a life of its own. As with anything, when it becomes a box to tick, it doesn’t have the same effect. It can become a kind of one-upmanship and lose it’s real meaning.

I imagine it like those elite preschools where the mothers are constantly one-upping each other about how their kid has or does whatever’s trending right now like putting their toddler into helicopter pilot lessons or having a sustainable rooftop urban farm next to their finger-painting gallery… “Oh a mentor? Yes, Paisley has had a mentor for years.” She’s 5.

There’s a sea of young corporate women in search of the ever-wise mentor to help guide them to ultimate success and happiness. I believe the solution is closer than we think and my suggestion is that we look to who holds a place in our lives today and cultivate those relationships in order to get the same results.  [click to continue…]