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Goal setting. Intention setting. Declaring a word or theme of the year. Whatever your thing, this time of year is great for reflection. Although you know I believe this ought to be done every few months, what better time to get crystal clear than at the start of a fresh page of your book.

Last year I wrote about goal setting and the feelings associated with those goals (thank you Danielle Laporte!). Then earlier this year I shared my career plan template. So obviously the idea isn’t lost on me. However, I’m tired of the same old way of doing it.

This can be a sensitive subject, one that holds fears and feelings beyond a simple goal written on a page. So many feelings come up when setting goals that can excite us and then deflate us within minutes. Some people already feel behind simply because it’s one week into 2015 and their colleague had her vision board done in November. Annoying!

This year I’m trying something new. Yes, I’m reflecting and I’m setting intentions. Only I’m not setting rigid guidelines to reach my goals. Instead my measurements are “more” and “less.”

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 New Year

Now’s the time of year when things get serious. Sadly, party time’s over.

If you’re like me, you’re in the throws of a holiday hangover. As if that isn’t bad enough, all we hear about this time of year is resolutions making us immediately feel behind.

We feel pressure to set big, serious goals, and then feel discouraged the moment we (inevitably) get distracted and lose focus. Just thinking about it can bring on the anxious feelings- the tight stomach, the fidgets…ugh. Who could possibly look forward to that?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about goal or resolution setting. You have enough of that already coming your way. I want to talk about a smart way to reach your aspirations; what you need to do first in order to set and successfully achieve your goals.  [click to continue…]