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Goal setting. Intention setting. Declaring a word or theme of the year. Whatever your thing, this time of year is great for reflection. Although you know I believe this ought to be done every few months, what better time to get crystal clear than at the start of a fresh page of your book.

Last year I wrote about goal setting and the feelings associated with those goals (thank you Danielle Laporte!). Then earlier this year I shared my career plan template. So obviously the idea isn’t lost on me. However, I’m tired of the same old way of doing it.

This can be a sensitive subject, one that holds fears and feelings beyond a simple goal written on a page. So many feelings come up when setting goals that can excite us and then deflate us within minutes. Some people already feel behind simply because it’s one week into 2015 and their colleague had her vision board done in November. Annoying!

This year I’m trying something new. Yes, I’m reflecting and I’m setting intentions. Only I’m not setting rigid guidelines to reach my goals. Instead my measurements are “more” and “less.”

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One of my goals for this blog is to share what I know from the “other side” of the table. I’ve recruited and interviewed hundreds of people, many to work for me and to work for my clients. Whether you’re changing careers or new to the workforce, it’s good to know what to look out for and how prepare for your next interview.

Here’s the inside scoop on what every interviewer is really thinking during an interview:


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When I was little, every Spring my mom would swap out her closets, moving her warm weather clothes to her cedar storage closet and those bulky sweaters, leggings and wraps to the other.

It makes me nostalgic to think about how I used to sit in the room with her while she considered which clothes would make the move, holding them up and tilting her head as she inspected them. The smell of cedar every time she brushed past me.

After the inventory, she’d donate some to Goodwill and would often then need to set out shopping. Last year, however, she didn’t go through her closets to know what she already had and came back from her shopping trip with almost identical clothes to those she already owned. Whoops! Have you ever done that?

Here are 2 things to learn from this ritual:

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What is a Career Wellness Advocate?

I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s one of those trendy made-up titles like Chief Inspiration Officer, Cheese Connoisseur or Chick Sexer (That’s a thing. Google Jon Stewart Chick Sexer interview). Well, it may be a new phrase so let me explain what it means to me.

It’s my belief that we struggle with our careers because they’re seen as the bad guy. In the fight over balance, work is pitted against all the rest of life. It’s the reason we’re stressed, why we don’t have enough time with our kids before they head off to bed, the reason we don’t get to the gym, the reason for, well, most negativity in our lives.

What if your career worked with you instead of against you? If you were able to parallel your career with how you want to live? That is career wellness. It’s truth in work. 

I see it as the quest for personal satisfaction and fulfillment in your career. Whether you’re finding a cure for cancer, fulfilling your childhood dream of acting on Broadway, or you’re in charge of payroll, you can still be well in your career.

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