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Interviewing is like dating. You never know what you’re going to get until you’re in too deep.

Throughout my years as a recruiter and hiring manager, I’ve been a part of some outrageous interviews, from those looking to find employment through my company and those looking to get promoted within the company. It’s a tricky process. And sometimes it feels like there’s a secret code that no one talks about.

In my attempt to help make your inevitable career transition (at some point) easier, I’m putting together some free resources for you to keep on file. I’ve surveyed dozens of hiring managers and recruiters and have put together a short list of 6 things EVERY interviewer hates.

Some of them seem obvious and some even seem petty but interviewers are a sticky bunch. The more you understand them (agreeing with them or not isn’t the point), the better your chances of getting a job or getting ahead.

6 Things


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I just read that the word literally has an updated definition in the dictionary. So many people were using it incorrectly (as in how they use figuratively) that we’ve literally changed the meaning of the word. Isn’t that crazy?

Another thing we’ve accepted as the norm is that career transition is a part of life. In fact, most people will have anywhere from 7-12 jobs in their lifetime. That’s a lot of change!

Because job transition is totally within my sweet spot having been a former recruiter, hiring manager and boss, I’ve decided to dedicate the next few posts to supporting you in your inevitable job search by providing insider knowledge on the process.

Hopefully if you’re quitting your job it’s for another one and you’ve thought it through. Often we see a higher salary or a dreamy office environment and are quick to decide that it must be a better opportunity.

In order to be sure about that, get clear on what you’re moving toward and away from and why.

Change is inevitable but that doesn’t mean we should take it lightly. Each move should be strategic, slowly writing your career story over time.

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Here goes: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Quitting Your Job

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For some of us, looking for a new job while at work is the equivalent of online shopping at your desk- it’s going to happen, so why feel bad about it. For others of us, it’s like scarfing 3 Starbucks cake pops the first week of your diet, or thinking dirty thoughts the moment you walk into church (not that I’ve done either of those). The idea alone is riddled with guilt and makes us feel dirty.

The truth is, if we’re not positioning ourselves for new opportunities to come our way, we’re missing out.

A couple of years ago my brother was at a networking function and was approached by the owner of a cutting edge digital marketing company. He was happy in his job and wasn’t looking for a new opportunity. The owner was enamored with him and within 2 weeks he was offered a job he couldn’t refuse. Had he not had his resume, his profiles, and his talking points shined up and ready, he may have missed out.

If it’ll take you 2 weeks to draft your resume alone, the opportunity has come and gone.

Dream jobs don’t fall into your lap without even a little bit of effort.

If they do, best be ready. And it doesn’t hurt to do a check in with yourself from time to time using these 3 tips.  [click to continue…]