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TheLadders.com is collecting advice from career experts to help people entering the workforce. I have a soft spot for anyone beginning their careers. It often takes bravery and resilience.

When starting out, you don’t know what you don’t know and you feel like no one’s really telling you how it is. So you’re left to figure it out while miserably wasting your potential away under a fluorescent light. (Can you tell I’ve been there?)

Truth is, our 20’s are messy, and that’s true for everyone. It’s a time for trial and error. It’s about figuring things out on your own and finding yourself. That can’t be rushed!

Don’t discount the value of your errors. (tweet this!)

Must-Know Advice For Anyone Entering the

Here are 6 pieces of must-know advice:

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To me, burnout always seemed a likely side effect of getting ahead. By sheer determination, I thought I could “win” against it or at the very least coexist with it.

I see now how bad it was. I was a workaholic — checking emails in bed before my eyes had fully opened, thinking first of work before my family and my health. I was totally one-dimensional.

With that workaholism came a bunch of other -aholisms: I was a shopaholic, my saving and spending habits totally flippant. I was a foodaholic, with terrible workout and eating patterns — yoyoing from intense structure to total binges. And I was likely an alcoholic, having no healthy outlet for my stress.

I witnessed my burnout and convinced myself I could live with it; it was a necessary side effect to a stable job with status. See, my burnout wasn’t “real.” That was Hillary Clinton and Arianna Huffington passing out, their bodies forcing a timeout. To me, those were extreme cases of extremely successful people.

I was delusional.

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Yesterday I was really sick; the kind that meant I was in bed all day watching Netflix movies. I landed on Behind the Candelabra, the Liberace movie. Have you seen it?

I was hooked. The craziest bit was how Liberace (Michael Douglas) had his boyfriend Scott (Matt Damon) get plastic surgery so his face would look more like his own. And he did it!

Imagine being so caught up to make such a wildly ridiculous decision. In a totally unexpected twist (mmhmm), he later regretted it. Sorry, you’re stuck with that face now, Scotty boy! It’s a good thing that hair is so luscious…


Somehow, I could relate. Don’t get me wrong, I was never asked to perform a “face off” but I did change for my job.  [click to continue…]

I think you deserve a little something this holiday season that will improve your life throughout 2014 and your year-end review is just the time to get it! While most people come into a year-end review thinking only of a raise or bonus, I wanted to offer some creative ideas of non-monetary lifestyle perks instead of or in addition to your raise. Because money is such an important part of the review process, I’ll discuss it in it’s very own post.

Instead of seeing this meeting as an “oh no, what did I do wrong all year!”, you can look at it as a time to get a little something special for yourself.

(And if you’re the one giving the gifts, a little creativity from this list can help your employees feel appreciated. Many are free!)

Not to ignore the self-employed: I say give yourself one of these gifts this year. You’ve earned it!

If you don’t have a year-end review planned, I’ve included an easy script for getting one set up down below.

Before we start let me ask, what’s the worst Christmas or holiday present you’ve ever received? Let me tell you mine. In 1995 my Grandma gave me a purple and white sweater with an enormous cat on it. The choice of purple plus the splattering of hearts and paw prints covering every inch burned the eyes. The shoulder pads, the fact my Grandma wore it before she gave it to me…the list goes on! Hey, if this were ‘86, I may have considered it but I was heavy into my trying-to-be grunge phase. My wardrobe consisted of a drab collection of hunter green jeans and flannel; a purple cat sweater had no place in the mix.

Not to be unappreciative but while the gift was sweet, it wasn’t practical and wouldn’t help my high school social climbing aspirations. (I thought this may have been a nightmare I’d made up until I found this photo. Depression alert: it’s described as “vintage”…looks like I’ll be having that morning cocktail after all..)

So we’re trying to avoid one of these

purple cat sweater

Or one of these


This year for the holidays you should get what you want; a gift that keeps on giving all year round and that moves you towards the life you want. [click to continue…]