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These changes have been palpable in my life. My stress levels are incredibly reduced, and ultimately – and probably most importantly – I find myself in a job MUCH more suited to my interests and skill set.

Anne is the type of person with so much to offer professionals at any point in their career. Her vast knowledge of the professional landscape is obvious, and as someone who has worked her way to an executive level within a Fortune 500, yet maintained a down-to-earth, affable personality, she can literally connect and help just about anyone anywhere along their path. Even for someone that is exactly where they feel like they want to be, Anne brings the value of being able to identify and reveal key specifics towards refining their goals

-Greg Detter, Regional Director

After working with Anne, I have learned how take my personal aspirations and turn them into small, manageable goals.

This has given me a great sense of accomplishment. She has given me the tools and confidence to take action and work towards the life I have always wanted but was not sure how to get there!

Anne’s support and encouragement along with extensive corporate knowledge make for a one of a kind experience. Anne quickly put me at ease and I felt like I was talking to an old friend. She has truly “been there, done that” and it’s comforting to talk to someone who can relate to the stresses, struggles and ultimately rewarding experience of a career change.

-Laura Carmody, MAC Meetings

Working with you has been life changing! Thank you for seeing what was possible for me and for helping me get there.

– C.C.

I did not expect the results I got from working with you. I knew it would be helpful but I wasn’t expecting such clear and easy tools. THANK YOU for getting me and for making me feel more in control. I feel less stressed about the unknown and that is a life saver.

– Sarah S.

Anne has helped me countless times over the years in making major choices. From a career mentoring standpoint, Anne knows what she’s talking about. Anne was super successful climbing the corporate ladder for one of the most largest recruiting organizations in the world. She’s helped hundreds of organizations find the right people to grow their businesses and has connected even more talented people with the right opportunities. Even more important than her career experience, Anne has the perfect temperament to help guide people onto the right professional and personal paths. A good listener, asks thoughtful questions, provides a unique perspective, and genuinely cares about the people she interacts with.

I’ve seen results from her expertise and would highly recommend her.

-Director, Razorfish

She has always enabled me to assess my passions, my unique skills, and apply it to assessing my career goals and the prospects for future development. Overall, Anne is a great sounding board to help you see things from a different perspective, objectively. Anne has the tenacity to inspire those around her and working with her to be more and do more for themselves.

As a woman, I appreciate her level of commitment to her professional and personal life, and balancing it all. Anne’s ability to be professional and charismatic, with a desire to embrace life, is infectious.

– Director, International Recruiting firm

Thank you for the time you spent getting to know me and what I want out of my career. I feel like you understand where I’m coming from and my struggles. I feel good about the plan we came up with and I’m now looking forward to coming to work.

– Sareena W.

Anne, thank you so much! Our sessions absolutely changed my mindset and prepared me for my business review. I was able to articulate clearly what I wanted, what my strengths are and how I could use them to benefit the company. I’m so excited about my new position and I’m not sure I would’ve been so clear on what I wanted and how to explain it without your help. Thank you!!

– Lauren C.

You’re the first person that I’ve worked with that has combined tools, support and fun into a career development session. I will highly recommend you!

– Brittany

You’re no BS! I appreciate your approach to our meetings; you let me get to where I needed to go by directing me, but also by helping me to get there on my own. And, you didn’t let me get away with excuses. You’re my go-to career guide. Thanks so much for your help!

– Anonymous

You’re a great listener and an objective advice-giver. You ALWAYS see both sides of everything. I know when we talk through an idea or point we will exhaust every avenue while tossing both sides back and forth. You really seem to have an understanding of where people are coming from and are very relate-able. It makes working through any issue or idea that much easier.

– Jess Andjeski, Executive Event Planner, Spice of Life Catering Co.