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TheLadders.com is collecting advice from career experts to help people entering the workforce. I have a soft spot for anyone beginning their careers. It often takes bravery and resilience.

When starting out, you don’t know what you don’t know and you feel like no one’s really telling you how it is. So you’re left to figure it out while miserably wasting your potential away under a fluorescent light. (Can you tell I’ve been there?)

Truth is, our 20’s are messy, and that’s true for everyone. It’s a time for trial and error. It’s about figuring things out on your own and finding yourself. That can’t be rushed!

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Must-Know Advice For Anyone Entering the

Here are 6 pieces of must-know advice:

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It’s a festive time of year and it’s hard not to be caught up in the buzz of it all. We’re often encouraged to not be a scrooge and instead to be festive and happy.

We can’t be happy, however, if we’re not grateful. But what happens when you’re just not feeling it? Sure the holidays mean time off work but they can also mean stress, obligations and even let downs. They can highlight what’s missing or make you nostalgic for times past.

Sometimes it’s just hard to feel festive let alone grateful.

Let’s rewind a couple weeks. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. What’s not to love? The bustle of a house crammed full of family,18NNxqe kids and dogs. Food and football. Tons of laughing. A bit of wine. And more food. It’s a holiday that has a feeling; loud, cozy and accepting.

When I learned that again I’d be missing my family’s Thanksgiving I felt instantly deflated. And I cried.

And threw a solid pity party. I thought about everything that got me down: like why we live far from family, the downside of compromise and how it sucks royally when you actually have to give up what you want. Like how I’d miss waking up in my childhood bed and getting over-fed, the laughs with my brothers, cuddle time with my niece and nephews, bonding with my sisters-in-law. And of course how I’d miss my parents, every single thing about them.

In short, I felt bad for myself. It was easy to do and I did it pretty hard.

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To me, burnout always seemed a likely side effect of getting ahead. By sheer determination, I thought I could “win” against it or at the very least coexist with it.

I see now how bad it was. I was a workaholic — checking emails in bed before my eyes had fully opened, thinking first of work before my family and my health. I was totally one-dimensional.

With that workaholism came a bunch of other -aholisms: I was a shopaholic, my saving and spending habits totally flippant. I was a foodaholic, with terrible workout and eating patterns — yoyoing from intense structure to total binges. And I was likely an alcoholic, having no healthy outlet for my stress.

I witnessed my burnout and convinced myself I could live with it; it was a necessary side effect to a stable job with status. See, my burnout wasn’t “real.” That was Hillary Clinton and Arianna Huffington passing out, their bodies forcing a timeout. To me, those were extreme cases of extremely successful people.

I was delusional.

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Anne Omland is a Leadership & Career Development Expert dedicated to helping women define their leadership style and use it to create meaningful success. She specializes in 2 distinct forms of career development: millennial women navigating corporate life and emerging female leaders looking to develop their leadership style. Her in-demand offering Discover Your Signature Style is a leadership assessment tool that helps you find where power and potential meet: think Buzzfeed survey meets personality test meets career advice. Click here to get started!

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Does this sound familiar?

You don’t really care that you just signed a new client. The thought of going to work each day is a drain. The “chase” isn’t lighting you up at the moment. You’d rather be anywhere than at work.

If our jobs are like a TV show, this would be season 3…slow, a bit boring, waiting for something good to happen. We all go through these phases in our jobs; it’s natural. Instead of sinking deeper into a slump, you can do something about it.

I’ve been there, in my past job and as a business owner and I’ll be the first to say it: it sucks. If you’re a make-things-happen type it’s especially frustrating as you’re sitting there waiting for things to change. No thanks!

I decided to try out this experiment, first using myself as a guinea pig and then I had a few clients try it as well. It worked so I’m sharing it with you!

Here’s my quick fix for instantly finding engagement at work:

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I’m currently at war. With a word. It’s “should.”

I’m more than familiar with Shoulds holding me back from being happy in my career. For years I worked hard, moved up the corporate ladder and met the success I was after but was ultimately unfulfilled once I got there. All those things that should have made it all worth it, weren’t. That was annoying.

Shoulds can hold us back from making choices that feel right to us. Freeing ourselves from their trap can result in more fulfillment and happiness in our careers.

How are the Shoulds in your life?

Many of my clients can relate to this. The truth is, it’s ingrained in us to push through, to keep our heads down, to expect sacrifice in order to get what we want. Many of us see that hardcore work ethic as a badge of honor. Myself included.

Don't Let This Determine Your Career Happiness

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When we suffer unhappiness in our careers usually the first point of blame is our company, boss or co-workers. Don’t get me wrong, they can all be culprits. But in order to fix a negative situation, it’s best to look within first.

Understanding who you are is necessary in understanding how to find happiness at work.

Let’s say you love ripe, juicy cherries. Now imagine going on a diet where you have to eliminate those delicious suckers. While you may power through if you’re seeing results, you won’t be able to live this way long term because, well, you’ll always love cherries. Unless you leave this diet in order to find a cherries-only diet (not likely), you’re going to have to find a way to simultaneously prioritize the diet and your love of cherries.

So the question is, is it possible for your job to contribute to your happiness instead of sabotaging it? I say yes!

Here are 3 things you can do to be happy amidst a world of miserable workers. [click to continue…]

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