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Fourth grade started off as a shit year. All of my friends were assigned to Ms Fitch’s class and I was stuck in Mrs. Kohler’s class with a bunch of bums. Ms Fitch was “cool”: she was young and her dad was the coach for the Nets which at a young age I knew was something I should’ve been really impressed by. And so of course I was. Mrs. Kohler on the other hand was older with long salt and pepper hair and 2 different color eyes.

While I was upset I wasn’t in her class, the truth is that I didn’t even like Ms Fitch; she was super mean. I had 1 class with her every day during which she picked on people. In fact, it was in her class that I discovered a complex that I’ve carried with me for years.

She made me the example for bad handwriting. And if you remember back to 4th grade, it was considered very un-cool to not have good handwriting…as a girl anyway.

My friends were blasting off some sweet cursive, adding hearts to “i’s” and making those type-set “a’s” and my handwriting was barely legible let alone totally un-creative. [click to continue…]

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Have you seen this awesome YouTube video of Ellen Page coming out at the Human Rights Campaign Time to Thrive event?

Although I wish it weren’t the case, anyone coming out in Hollywood makes headline news (unless Justin Bieber has recently set fire to his tree house in which case no one cares about anything else). As I watched her so candidly and emotionally describe how she got to that point, I couldn’t help but feel her message was more than about coming out. [click to continue…]

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