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We’ve all been there, wondering if the not-so-loving feelings we’re having about our jobs are a phase or if they require action. picjumbo.com_IMG_0541Avoiding the topic only adds stress.

The good news? Clarity can make all the difference. This list will provide that to you.

If you’re in a position that does it for you, congratulations! You have what we all want. If not, hope is not lost. There is a way to better enjoy your career, whether in your current job or a new one. And, it’s easier than you may think.

As you go through the list, be honest with yourself. Reflection is the foundation to taking smart action.

You’ve outgrown your current job if:

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Can you imagine what the world would be like if Amy Poehler had been too self conscious of her hilariousness to ever perform? What about if Beyonce let stage fright keep her from putting herself out there? How about if Diane Von Furstenberg had ignored her creative gift because it was too intimidating to work in a male-dominated industry?

These women have identified what comes naturally to them and created work and life around their gifts. Their stories resonate with us because we see that it wasn’t easy for them to express their fullest potential but they found a way.

For the rest of us, we aren’t satisfied with our work because we know in our gut that we have something more to offer. Making an impact and feeling purposeful are universal desires.

When we see our potential sitting on the sidelines, it leads to frustration and dissatisfaction which ultimately keeps us from being great.

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Did you know one of the biggest regrets of successful women is sacrificing too much for success? Imagine reaching your peak and looking back and wishing you’d done things differently…

These days we’re overworked and overwhelmed. We work so hard for success and end up just…working.

We see it in our role models.

Hillary Clinton is an inspiration to millions. So is Arianna Huffington. Yet both women pushed themselves to the point of collapse and fainted from exhaustion before they realized they were working too hard. Their bodies literally had to shut down for them to get the message.

We see it in our coworkers.

I have a client who’s a partner at an Amlaw 100 firm. She’s like a character from Scandal: a super-intelligent, ball-crusher attorney who can hold her own in a male-dominated workplace by pretty much being one of the guys. She’s sharp and put together…at least on the outside. Until she had a heart attack (!) at 37. She came to me because she realized that years of “making it work” wasn’t really working at all. [click to continue…]

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Career plan template

I have a closet obsession with creating new healthy recipes. I get so wrapped up in it I black out and end up with loads of food and not enough people to eat it. Despite that, it’s therapeutic.

Years ago when I was working like a dog, I never had time to cook, let alone come up with new recipes. I was on the road all the time; if I had time to eat, it’d be a challenge to find something healthy on a menu. That meant a lot of room service salad. Doesn’t that sound kinda gross? I’ll just be over here crunching on my salad in bed if you need me…

I didn’t even know this was a hobby until I took some control over my schedule. Before I took stock of my life, I gave all my focus to my job. I loved working hard and seeing the results of that work.

For a competitive person, it’s hard to find balance when being the best is a priority. (tweet this!)

But let me tell you this, from someone who’s been to burn out and back: you can still accomplish without sacrificing the rest of your life.

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Does this sound familiar?

You don’t really care that you just signed a new client. The thought of going to work each day is a drain. The “chase” isn’t lighting you up at the moment. You’d rather be anywhere than at work.

If our jobs are like a TV show, this would be season 3…slow, a bit boring, waiting for something good to happen. We all go through these phases in our jobs; it’s natural. Instead of sinking deeper into a slump, you can do something about it.

I’ve been there, in my past job and as a business owner and I’ll be the first to say it: it sucks. If you’re a make-things-happen type it’s especially frustrating as you’re sitting there waiting for things to change. No thanks!

I decided to try out this experiment, first using myself as a guinea pig and then I had a few clients try it as well. It worked so I’m sharing it with you!

Here’s my quick fix for instantly finding engagement at work:

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Yesterday I was really sick; the kind that meant I was in bed all day watching Netflix movies. I landed on Behind the Candelabra, the Liberace movie. Have you seen it?

I was hooked. The craziest bit was how Liberace (Michael Douglas) had his boyfriend Scott (Matt Damon) get plastic surgery so his face would look more like his own. And he did it!

Imagine being so caught up to make such a wildly ridiculous decision. In a totally unexpected twist (mmhmm), he later regretted it. Sorry, you’re stuck with that face now, Scotty boy! It’s a good thing that hair is so luscious…


Somehow, I could relate. Don’t get me wrong, I was never asked to perform a “face off” but I did change for my job.  [click to continue…]

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