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Helping ambitious women create careers they love

As a Career & Lifestyle Expert, my mission is to connect with corporate women looking to get more out of their careers through my articles, free resources and one on one coaching.

I’m seen as a Burnout Expert (HuffPost Live) and Career & Lifestyle Expert. I’ve written for 4668 websiteHuffington Post and MindBodyGreen and have been interviewed by Quistic, Bloomberg, Daily Legal News, and The Lawyers Weekly.

I’m passionate about helping others live a career that’s meaningful, impactful and healthy- one that has you working in your sweet spot and seeing the success you’re after without all the sacrifice.

As the youngest VP for a multi-billion dollar recruiting firm, I’ve worked with multi-national companies and law firms, start-ups, mom and pops and everything in between helping them hire, fire, train, recruit and develop. I’ve hired thousands and trained and mentored hundreds. This is my attempt to share with you that insider knowledge from the “other side of the table.”

My clients come from companies big and small: Google, Exxon, Tory Burch, Lululemon, PWC, Jones Day, regional law firms and retailers, architecture firms and accounting houses…so you’re in good hands and in good company.

I’m here to be your trusted and strategic advisor, consultant mentor and career wellness advocate.

I specialize in 2 distinct forms of career development: millennial women navigating corporate life and emerging female leaders looking to develop their leadership style. I write about the challenges women in corporate careers face with actionable tips to improve on them.

My posts cover the topics of career change, advancement and women’s issues, professional growth, burnout and healthy working. Taking what I know and what I continue to learn into account, I add a real perspective and some humor to an otherwise boring subject.

My Approach

I work at the intersection of women’s issues, spirituality and professional growth- these areas light me up. They’re complex, overlapping and deep.

My personal experience has given me perspective. I’ve worked in a male dominated, fast paced corporate setting for over a decade,
climbing my way up the ladder to a VP position at a young age. I understand the push and pull of success early on- the desire for it, the feeling once you reach it and then the exhausting grip it holds on your every move.

design (8)My professional experience has given me expertise in career development. As an executive at a Fortune 500 recruiting firm, I have insider knowledge on all things HR- getting hired, office politics, negotiating a raise, getting noticed, networking and developing a mentor relationship. This is my attempt to share with you what I know; strategies that I know work and what you should avoid when managing your career. 

After years of giving career advice that focused solely on action- external factors and success markers- I’ve had an awakening that’s changed my life and my approach.

When I say spirituality, I’m not talking about religion but rather the need for understanding your inner workings- who you are, what you really want, what’ll make you happy, your values- which once understood translates into an easier path to outward success.

As a student of A Course in Miracles, I believe intention and clarity make decisions easier. I use this approach to help you wade through the confusion and stuckness around your career and translate it into real success.

I’ll let you in on something: there isn’t a secret formula.

What’s necessary to create a job you love is easy. It’s a shift, a change in the way you decide to live- how you react to change and challenge, the way you deal with overwhelm and exhaustion, how you read your internal compass to make decisions. The spiritual principles that guide my work play out in every day life in a way that makes it less stressful. And it leads to outward success.

Concepts and ideas are inspirational but without the “now what” tools, the strategy fizzles out. I have those tools to share with you.

We feel stuck when we can’t find answers, frustrated at noticing a need for change but not knowing what that change is. If you’re like me you know it’s on repeat in your head, an issue you know you need to work through but can’t stomach it. It makes your days drag on. It grips your shoulders in the middle of the night and shakes you awake. It’s exhausting.

For many, having a strategic partner with guiding expertise can make the journey less stressful. Sure, you can google “how to get promoted” but you can’t find the support you need to make the right change for you or get clarity around why you’re unhappy at work. It doesn’t work that way. But don’t worry; that’s what I’m here for!

Hopefully a piece of this message resonates with you. And if so, stick around. We’re better together!

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You may be wondering who I am and why I care how you manage your career and live your life.

After a decade of climbing the corporate ladder, achieving financial success, titles and responsibility, I could no longer avoid the nagging feeling inside of me that something was “off,” and needed to be “on.” ASAP.

My life was full of stressful days, sleepless nights, lack of healthy meals or time for workouts, traveling every week, months without seeing friends, and weeks avoiding phone calls from my family, because by the time I had time to talk, I was exhausted and irritable. All the time.

I knew something had to give before I ended up suddenly old, addicted to airport trail mix and crappy wine, terribly out of shape, best friends with the driver taking me to the airport every week, lonely and friendless . . . but rich and with a nice title. Wait, what?

I wanted to be happier, to feel healthier, to be challenged, to succeed, and to have a part in creating that success. I wanted to enjoy my life more.

I didn’t see that option at my current position so I decided to go out on my own and to begin to do what I love full time -leadership development and career management consulting- and to become an entrepreneur. Since then, I’ve helped countless women find what I was after without leaving their stable corporate jobs.

This change has been so worth it. Knowing what it is I truly want and taking steps to create my own success has been life-altering.

It’s possible to find achievement without burning out. It just takes strategy and tools. Those I have, and I’m happy to give them to you.

I believe when we’re clear on what we want, when we know what we have to offer that’s unique to us, and when we communicate that, we create options that will lead to happiness. And if enough of us begin to live our careers this way, we can change the way corporations work with us in exchange.


Not happy with what’s in front of you? Let’s change that perspective!

What I’ve learned has changed my outlook and expectations for my life. And it can help you do the same. Many women come to me to learn how to start off on the right career path, to transition, develop, and advance in their careers. This is my sweet spot — it’s what I have the skills to do, it’s what I understand inside and out, and it’s what I love.

Those I’ve worked with have seen far-reaching side effects to upgrading their career mindset, and I have as well. I’ve learned that clarity in what I want is life-changing, and decision making has never been easier. I’ve learned that my expectations and attitude make all the difference, and that action is my constant companion. That we can have whatever it is we want with clarity, confidence, and consistency.

The tools I use can help you find what you’re passionate about, to help you shift gears and change up your career path, to help you prepare and get noticed for a promotion, to figure out your new leadership position, or to simply find a way to love going to work every day.


 Let’s connect!

I’m a social person (like the kind who’d have to move my desk from yours in 2nd grade). I love getting to know people, really know them, because we all have information and experiences that someone else can benefit from.

The best place to connect with me is here on my blog. I respond to every comment.

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In order to keep my corporate skills fresh, I continue to consult with several companies as well.

I’ll leave you with this:

I want for you what you want for yourself; a career centered around your priorities, your plans. Better said, success redefined with substance and without so much sacrifice.

I provide an innovative way for successful women to manage their careers so they can get more of what they want while alleviating stress, maximizing efficiency at work, and staying on top of life’s craziness.

Thanks for being here!


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