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What is a Career Wellness Advocate?

I’m sure you’re wondering if it’s one of those trendy made-up titles like Chief Inspiration Officer, Cheese Connoisseur or Chick Sexer (That’s a thing. Google Jon Stewart Chick Sexer interview). Well, it may be a new phrase so let me explain what it means to me.

It’s my belief that we struggle with our careers because they’re seen as the bad guy. In the fight over balance, work is pitted against all the rest of life. It’s the reason we’re stressed, why we don’t have enough time with our kids before they head off to bed, the reason we don’t get to the gym, the reason for, well, most negativity in our lives.

What if your career worked with you instead of against you? If you were able to parallel your career with how you want to live? That is career wellness. It’s truth in work. 

I see it as the quest for personal satisfaction and fulfillment in your career. Whether you’re finding a cure for cancer, fulfilling your childhood dream of acting on Broadway, or you’re in charge of payroll, you can still be well in your career.

How? By getting clear on what you want, being confident in the unique value you add, communicating this to the world in a way that’ll be heard, and making decisions that support the big picture.

My recipe for career wellness is: working within our strengths, being challenged, feeling successful, enjoying the work we do, seeing a future, getting paid to do what comes naturally to us, being rewarded for those talents and being recognized for your achievements. And ultimately, making a difference in your world, and in the world.

Why wait until we’re burned out and exhausted? Career wellness is a holistic approach that’s about work supporting, not depleting the energy and time we’d like for other aspects of life. It’s about how we spend our days. It’s taking into account our whole being and what we need physically, emotionally, financially, relationship-wise, recreationally (uniquely) in our lives and making moves to feed each area.

In getting clear with what we want, we’ll find simplicity in decision making, in the competition for time…in life.

And I believe that when you’re clear, you’re able to work within your peak, your sweet spot- doing what you have skills for, what you’re challenged by and have an interest in, and what you love. This will lead to even more success.

This is career wellness as I see it. It’s a way to look at your career through a wellness lens. As with health and wellness, it focuses on the importance of living and working well, not hard, not forever and not at the expense of anything else.

So it’s simple. I’m an advocate for your career wellness because you, happy and successful, is ultimately best for all of us.




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